Oregon is rightly recognized for its agricultural diversity and bounty. Wine, seafood, fruits, and artisan producers of all sorts – the Pacific Northwest has it all. Oregon also has the country’s best lamb, from Anderson Ranches. The Andersons have 5 generations of lamb raising expertise in the Willamette Valley. Located in the foothills of the Western Cascades, these 100% grass fed lambs are allowed to freely roam, eat, and thrive at their own rhythm. For the purity of the meat, no antibiotics or growth hormones are used. The high annual precipitation in the Willamette Valley yields lush green grass year ’round. This approach yields low stress, healthy lambs. Grass fed lamb is lean, tender, and a delicious addition to your menu. Seasonal offering might include shanks or shoulder for braising in fall and winter, while chops and sirloins might make a special grilled entree in spring and summer. Any time of the year is appropriate for featuring 100% grass fed Oregon lamb. Columbia Empire is proud to offer the best Oregon lamb from Anderson Ranches.
Our Lamb Suppliers Include: