Our HACCP plan analyzes our process from receiving meat to delivery and every point in between. At every stage of our process we have routines to ensure that our product is safe for the consumer. At the most critical stage of our process we have additional monitoring that again safe guards the quality of the product. We are dedicated to ensure that we produce product that is at its best.

USDA Inspections

Our facility is monitored and inspected daily by the USDA. We have an onsite inspector that has an office located in our plant.

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Custom Cuts

We can customize your product catalog to make sure that you receive consistent portions that keep your customers coming back wanting more.

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Dry Aged Beef

We have an onsite dry aging room that is unique and spacious. We can customize our dry age program and produce whatever you desire with the advance notice required.

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Scheduled Deliveries

We have a vast territory including Southwestern Washington, and Northwestern Oregon as well as the beautiful Columbia River gorge.

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