Atlantic Veal and Lamb is a family owned company that has been raising and processing veal for over 60 years. The company is fully integrated with their own feed mills, calf barns, and fabrication facilities. Atlantic Veal works with Ohio State University insuring the proper nutrition, welfare, and health of their animals. The veal calves are raised together tether-free in a natural group environment on Amish farms in Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania. The animals are fed a balanced, hormone-free diet of whey, corn, wheat, and straw.
The Plume De Veau label is recognized as the industry standard for quality and consistency. Offering Osso Bucco, rib racks, short loins, roasts, cutlets, sweetbreads, bones for stock among other cuts, Columbia Empire is proud to make this outstanding veal available for our customers.
Our Veal Suppliers Include: