The poultry category is a diverse and dynamic component of today’s food service operations. Airline breasts, hens and game birds, duck legs and breasts, the list is long and enticing. The variety of choices give chefs the chance to showcase their individuality as well as bring value to the menu mix. American diners can’t get enough of fried chicken and regional traditions are clearly evident when it comes to how it is best served. The different takes on how it should be prepared can stir lively (and tasty) debate. Wings are a consistent menu staple, and not for just when the game is on. Whole chickens are offered in a variety of sizes, from under 2.5 lb to over 5 lb.
Animal welfare and humane treatment of stock is important to every member of the foodservice chain – farmer, distributor, chef and dinner guest. Columbia Empire sources from like-minded suppliers for our poultry offerings. Pitman Farms (Mary’s) is an example of better animal practices yielding superior overall products.
Columbia Empire is ready for your turkey needs, during the holidays and year-round. We offer boneless roasts from Premiere Meats, bone in breasts from Norbest, cooked breasts from Carolina/Butterball. During the Thanksgiving turkey season we can help with all your fresh whole bird needs.
Poultry is a very important part of the restaurant menu and there are many choices to consider. Let Columbia Empire help you make the best purchase decisions for your operation.
Our Poultry Suppliers Include: